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Pallets are platforms for cargo lift and packing up, which are usually made of wood materials; however Pallets can also be made of metal and plastic material. Using Pallets is more effective for packing up cargo and service process.  It’s much more convenient to allocate cargo placed on Pallets in truck containers, vehicles, railway carriages, warehouse stations and etc. 

Standard Size of Pallets: 


800X1200mm (CEN Standard- so-called Euro Pallet) usually used in retail sale 



1000X1200mm (ISO Standard) usually used in production

1200X1200 mm usually used in retail sale and in agriculture 


Euro Pallet size 800X1200 is developed based on standard size 400X600, which is a standard module for transportation and freight warehouses in European countries (because, it’s believed that cargo placed on this module may be lifted and moved easier by average labor force). In addition, Euro Pallet size comply with internal dimensions of vehicles in Europe and respectively, cargo can be loaded on Pallets as densely as possible (that cannot be said about ISO Standard Pallet) 
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