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Portal User Agreement

The Foregoing Agreement (hereinafter the ,,Agreement”) regulates terms of use of the web-portal –, including your access to electronic services, products and information provided by us.

By the consent to the terms of this Agreement you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the terms of use of the web-portal and become liable for the fulfillment of these terms.

Terms of the Agreement may be amended periodically, regarding which you shall be notified via the web-portal.


Terms indicated in this Agreement shall be used with the following meanings:

,,Web-portal”- the foregoing web-page –, you represent the user thereof;

,,We”- the foregoing web-portal, represented by JSC Lilo 1;

,,Client” – any person, which has a service agreement with JSC Lilo 1;

,,You” – Client or any user of the web-portal, which is registered on the web-page and has a personal account; 

,,Personal information” – information on your mail, email, telephone numbers, operations carried out by you, as well as invoices and bank requisites (in case when you are the Client), which shall be available for the administration of the web-portal during the use of the web-portal by you.


You are obligated to change the security code (password) upon the first log in to the Web-portal and subsequently ensure protection thereof from third parties. The Web-portal does not take the responsibility for any operations carried out by third parties on your personal account as a result of entering your valid security code (password).

We take reasonable measures for the purposes of protection of the Web-portal subject to our control and personal information placed thereon. Notwithstanding the above, there is no guarantee that the web-portal and information placed thereon will be 100% secured from gaps and viruses and/or will be uninterrupted. In case if you have basis to believe that your personal information is not secured, please immediately notify us to the following address: to carry out respective measures from our side.

We do not take the responsibility for any special, random, direct or indirect damages and/or unearned income related to use or unavailability of the Web-portal.

We use personal data exclusively available to you for technical administration of the Web-portal and for the purposes of delivery of our E-services to you or to provide you with the information on products, services, programs and offers via email, sms, telephone or mail address, which in our opinion may be interesting for you.

Your personal information may be available for third parties only in the following cases:

a)      for the purposes of fulfillment of the Agreement;

b)      with your written consent;

c)       in cases provided by the legislation;

d)      for a third party, if he/she provides technical services to us;

Please pay attention and control that different terms of access and use are established on the information and services that are available on the portal.

Web-pages and/or Information of Third Parties

We do not take the liability for hypertext links of web-pages, information, purchased products or any other information of third parties. Availability of information of the third parties on the Web-portal does not mean that the Web-portal takes responsibility for accuracy of the information or results of actions carried out on the basis thereof.

Terms of Use of the Web-portal

You are obligated to follow the following rules in case of use of the Web-portal:

  • submit accurate and true information while opening an account on the Web-portal and update the information in case of the amendment thereof;
  • take the responsibility for the results of use of your account by you;
  • have all legal rights on information and/or operations respectively indicated and/or carried out in the process of registration or use. 
  • do not carry out illegal activities and/or illegal advertising through our Web-portal or services.
  • do not upload and/or distribute the information which has the  adverse effect on minors or materials containing such information.
  • do not place immoral, illegal, abusive information and/or information harmful for business reputation and/or carry out any operations.
  • do not upload and/or transfer any viruses, codes or other harmful information on the Web-portal.
  • do not carry out any actions for the purposes of misleading of the administration of the Web-portal and/or other customers.
  • notify us in case of illegal use of your account by third parties.
  • do not carry out any actions which violates the confidentiality or other rights of third parties.
  • you are not authorized to delegate your rights related to your account and/or this Agreement to the third parties without a prior consent of the Web-portal.
  • follow other terms set forth in this Agreement.


The Web-portal reserves the right to unconditionally, without a prior notice, revoke your account in case of violation of any of the terms by you and in such case, we shall not be liable for the results of the revocation.


Applicable law

The foregoing Agreement shall be regulated and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Georgia, whether you are in Georgia and/ or the resident of Georgia or not. Any dispute raised with respect to this Agreement shall be submitted to the court of Georgia for consideration in case of failure to resolve a dispute by a mutual agreement.


Thank you for using out web-portal.

Good Luck.


Following text shall be indicated at the end of the Agreement, next to the square:

“I confirm that I have read and agree with the terms of the foregoing Agreement” 

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