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After authorization at “Lilo-1” web-portal customer by the option My Account (account management panel) can get following information and service:


Inbox - Personal message box  - customers will receive notifications sent by the “Lilo 1” about changes and innovations etc. and can reply to a notice

Service invoices - Customers can view invoices for the provided services using the billing date. Service invoices can be printed or stored in an E-version

Warehouse management system (WMS) - Stock management module will be activated for those customers who use stock accounting service. This module contains information about the quantity of goods in the warehouse and reporting on its turnover (acceptance/issue)


Upon customer's request, “Lilo-1” provides stock accounting service, which includes acceptance, storage and dispersal of goods by “Lilo-1”. Including the following standards: FIFO, FEFO, LIFO


Incoming transport - Identification/filtering of transportation facilities arrived at “Lilo-1” customs warehouse zone is possible by following four parameters: Vehicle Number, Wagon Number, Container Number, D-Number (contains the information for the last one month)
- 24-hour surveillance by the security service
- “Lilo-1” provides the full confidentiality of the client information
- The territory is fully controlled by IP and CCTV cameras (with one-year records)
- Logistic operations are controlled by supervisors according to procedures (SOP) applicable in “Lilo-1”
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